Instructor & Therapist

18423849_10158572819325431_8963625634870754492_nObediya Jones-Darrell


Highly trained, and educated in Canada and internationally, Obediya has a strong background in traditional healing and modern western anatomy.  In 1998, Obediya Jones-Darrell traveled to Indonesia to study traditional forms of natural health. Following up this apprenticeship with an undergraduate degree from & ties in professional practice with Simon Fraser University & the University of British Columbia, Thai Yoga Massage (West Coast College of Massage Therapy), Acupuncture (PCU College of Holistic Medicine), and Watsu (Worldwide Aquatic Bodywork Registry), Obediya has well over 4000 hours of classroom and clinical training.  As a member of the Canadian Association of Medical Spas and Aesthetic Surgeons, he is constantly upgrading his skill set to deliver the most up to date services and researched based knowledge for his clientele. With over 15 years of experience working professionally as a therapist, he has developed unique ways of combining all of his diverse education and clinical experience.