Fact Sheet – Portugal Spa Wellness Retreat June 2 – June 5

Retreat info 2Fact Sheet

Here’s the Who, What, Where, When, Why and How you can join us for the Spa and Wellness Retreat in Portugal this June, or Register here!

Who is leading this retreat?

The retreat will be led by Obediya Jones-Darrell (Obe) and Emily Gold. Here’s a bit more about them.


IMG_0968_editBorn and raised in Canada, Obe is a world traveled Medical Spa specialist, Acupuncturist, Watsu Aquatic Therapist and Thai Yoga Massage Therapist. He teaches a group fitness class that incorporates principles of yoga and stretching on land and strengthening exercises in the water. He began his exploration of the healing arts in Indonesia in 1998, and followed up with extensive training in North America. He works internationally to establish sustainable community health initiatives for underprivileged populations. His other life passion is to write music, and he is an award winning producer and music composer.


emily 1Emily is a yoga teacher, public health specialist and certified birth doula. Her yoga classes focus on wellness of body and mind. She combines her love of yoga with her knowledge and interest in public health to create evidence based sequences designed to enhance the mind-body connection. She teaches Hatha- Vinyasa, Yin, Restorative, Prenatal and Women’s Yoga. When not on the mat Emily can be found reading, knitting or traveling with her husband and dog, a former Ethiopian street dog.

What will we be doing?

Each day will begin with an early morning yoga class followed by homemade breakfast. During the day you will have the opportunity to explore the amazing natural surroundings of Porto de Mos, Portugal, discover the culture of the local village or even take a trip into Lisbon. Following a delicious and healthy homemade lunch we will have a guided meditation and you will have the option to enjoy additional spa benefits or take some time for yourself. In the evenings we will share a communal dinner followed by a moonlight yoga class and relaxation meditation.

Types of Yoga Include:

emily 2Yin Yoga – A slow grounding class where poses are held for several minutes at a time to allow the joints and connective tissues to open and the mind to still. A great compliment to any other more movement focused yoga class.

Hatha Yoga – A terrific all-levels opportunity to go deeper into your physical yoga practice with short flows and longer held muscular practices. This class will include opportunities to salute the sun, gain strength, improve flexibility and relax.

Restorative Yoga- The ultimate in relaxation! Using props instructors will guide you into a series of supported positions designed to allow you to melt into deep relaxation.

Bliss Yoga – There will be a late evening one hour yoga class of Gentle, Yin and Restorative Yoga combined with foot, back and shoulder massages and acupuncture to enhance meditation and relaxation. Obe & Emily will be guiding you through a relaxing yoga class to help you become very calm and de-stress. Relax and unwind and then tuck yourself into bed for a fabulous deep sleep. Tea and cookies will be served after the class.

Aquatic Yoga Fitness- Beginning with a yin yoga practice, your on land stretch prepares you for Water exercise and stretching in shallow water. Designed to build strength, flexibility and cardio, a balance to other yoga classes.

Types of Spa Services: Facials & Full Body Treatments

Acupuncture outdoors1Cosmetic Acupuncture – As an alternative to Botox injection, dermal fillers and invasive cosmetic surgery, this deeply relaxing micro-needling facial acupuncture treatment has many benefits which include: Radiant, youthful looking skin, a reduction of fine lines, Increased collagen and elastin production, resulting in your skin getting softer and more vibrant.

Mesotherapy – An alternative to needling, a non-invasive Transdermalporation technology with 98% organic natural active compounds, experience a facial that delivers results proven in clinical studies. Electronic micro-impulses encourage the skin to absorb up to 70ml of botanical compounds to address cosmetic concerns directly into the dermis. Treatments to target filling lines & Wrinkles, Anti-Aging, Firming & Lifting and more.

Full Body treatments
Obediya WatsuWatsu Aquatic Therapy – Watsu combines elements of joint mobilization, shiatsu, muscle stretching and dance. The receiver is continuously supported while being floated, cradled, rocked and stretched.

Thai Yoga Massage – Using point pressure and muscle stretching, it combines yoga stretching, calmness of meditation, with acupressure, exercise movement and reflexology. While the client dressed in comfortable loose clothing, Obe uses his hands, feet & elbows and knees to free tension stored in the recipient’s body.

Where is the retreat?

The retreat will be held at a beautiful retreat center in Porto de Mos, Portugal. 90 Kilometers from the capital Lisbon, Porto de Mos is tucked into the mountains creating a beautiful natural oasis. You’ll experience aquatic spa services in the natural water pool on the property and have the opportunity to meditate in nature.

When are we going?

The retreat will begin on Thursday June 2nd and will end on Sunday June 5th with optional add on of Monday June 6th. Transport from the Lisbon airport to the retreat site will be organized once we have everyone’s travel information.

Why would I do this?

Why Not? Yoga retreats are a terrific way to practice self care as well move deeper into your yoga practice. If you’ve been feeling on the edge of burnout a retreat focused on relaxation and wellness will give you an opportunity to relax and find balance.

How do I join?

Register with your payment here. 

For more information contact
Emily at Emily@EmilyGoldYoga.com
Obe at soundbodyhealth@gmail.com

The cost of the retreat is 660‎€ and includes:
A morning and afternoon/evening Yoga class (Except for Thursday June 2 which will include only an evening class)
Daily meditation
3 meals/day
Shared Accommodations
Transport from Lisbon airport to Porto de Mos, Portugal

Fees do not include:
Travel to Portugal
Travel Insurance
Spa Treatments
Additional activities/side trips

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